Monday, October 18, 2010

Gamers in shape with GPS Fun!

I doubt everybody can run through all the levels GPS FUN present other than you are athletic. GPS FUN motivates you to RUN to break through all levels. Each level ask you to get numbers of fruits and veggies in limited time. As level goes up, combination of distance, time and number of fruits make levels harder to break. Challenge this game and test your ability to run, sense of directions, how well knows your town.

I guarantee you must be in good shape by the time you reach the last level of this game.

* Do not pay attention too much on iphone screen while you're running.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Urban Jungle - Customer Support Blog Open

For the very First Time ever in Mobile App History!!
Have you ever wanted to get back into shape and have fun with your Imagination again? Well you Can!!!
Fun for all Ages, Developed to Test your Stamina and help you gain motivation to get on outside and feel young with both your body and mind!
We Lately enjoy video Games inside but why not get outside, In Urban Race Jungle you Can!!! Choose to run from Many things such as a T-Rex or even the Iron Man Lance Armstrong!!
You can say bring it on with this new Innovative App!!

With over 40 different Chasers to choose from.
A Pinpoint GPS system to track your progress, Your Location and Pursuers Locations.
Save your Records and Challenge yourself to be the Fastest Runner Alive!!!

Compatible with the Iphone, Tested with iOs 3.1.3 or later